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You thought there would be more joy in your life, but your inner critic is keeping you playing small. You feel stuck, like there are only a few choices and all of them are meh. You find yourself procrastinating, ruminating, and increasingly unhappy.

You feel like the problem must be you, but you don’t know how to change. You wonder if you’d be happier if you were more creative or self-expressed, but the idea of showing up more brightly is scary - what will people think?

Your life CAN be more fun and fulfilling!

I help people expand possibility so they can find meaning and joy in their lives. When you go through this program you will learn:

* The 3 major reasons people procrastinate and how to address them all
* How to use creativity to create more possibilities and more flexibility
* Techniques to develop courage and confidence
* The 4 biggest problems people face around self-trust and ways to overcome them
* Compassion, curiosity, and freedom
* How to quiet your inner critic so you can play bigger and find your spark

This self-paced video course has 8 modules, and most people go through in about 8 weeks. You also get 2 one-on-one coaching sessions with me, and 3 months of Creativity Gym. Creativity Gym is a weekly group where we play creativity games to exercise our creativity muscles, and talk about how to apply what we learn. You are welcome to subscribe afterwards for $79/month!

If you are not sure if this is the right program for you, go back to the coaching page and select the half hour getting to know you (free) option. We can talk about what you will get from the program, and you can see if these transformations are worth the price!

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