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I have been coaching since 2001 when someone I knew in a different context asked me to coach him.

I believe everyone is whole and capable - and at the same time, everyone needs support. I am non-judgmental, compassionate, and have enough wisdom to support my clients to improve their lives.

  • Want to know more about coaching? Let's chat!

    30 min

  • One on one coaching by video or phone

    1 hr

    97 US dollars
  • Weekly class to exercise your creativity muscles for more productivity...

    1 hr

Creativity for Evolution

This course covers:

* The 3 major reasons people procrastinate and how to address them all so you can reach your goals

* How to use creativity to create more possibilities and more flexibility so you can innovate and pivot with ease and confidence

* Techniques to develop courage and confidence so you can speak up and act without fear

* The 4 biggest problems people face around self-trust and ways to overcome them so that you can pick bigger goals and reach them

* Compassion, curiosity, and freedom for more satisfaction and more choices

* How to quiet your inner critic so you can play bigger and find your spark

I have a self-paced video course that comes with two one-on-one coaching sessions with me plus membership in Creativity Gym. Click here for more information.

Office Space

Creativity for Corporations

Contact me for details!
Program to help increase innovation, reduce silos, increase flexibility, reduce dissatisfaction, and allow for more innovation.

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